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About Rajiv Bajaj

Hello, and welcome to Travel Tales. My name is Rajiv Bajaj, and I am a Tourism & Travel Industry professional based in New Delhi. I am in the travel profession because of my love for travel. I have spent more than two decades in the airline industry between 1986 to 2007. I have worked with the national carrier before moving on to Air Mauritius in 1997, where I headed Northern India for almost 11 years. Since 2007 I am engaged in the business of Travel Marketing & Representation. I am also a certified trainer and conduct training related to Tourism, Aviation & Travel and Soft Skills, as a visiting faculty with several leading institutes in India. Travel Tales, however, is not about my profession. It is about my passion.

And Why Travel Tales ?

Because both, my wife and I are diehard travellers, who do not need any excuses to travel. We travel at the drop of a hat. And if the hat doesn’t drop, we do our best to make it tip over ! When it comes to planning for travel, I normally do my homework in advance on various websites and travel blogs. We have normally found these sites very useful and informative. Although I have been writing reviews on TripAdvisor as well as sharing some of my travel experiences on various other websites, I did not have my own travel blog so far. And that is why Travel Tales came into being.

Travel Tales is my way of giving back to other travellers. By sharing our travel experiences on Travel Tales – for whatever they are worth – we can probably help other fellow travellers who suffer from wanderlust. Travel is a way of life for many, and sharing of travel experiences, destination knowledge as well as travel tips goes a long way in helping someone else prepare for their own trip. Some of the write-ups that you will find here may date back to the time before this site came into existence. However, they have been shared here because they are no less relevant even today.

Hopefully I will have many more opportunities to share my travel experiences here, and who knows, we may even meet on a future journey somewhere. Till then, happy reading !