About Travel Tales

About Travel Tales

Travel Tales – A Travel Blog For Those Suffering From Wanderlust

Hello, and welcome to Travel Tales. This is a blog for travel lovers – a meeting ground where diehard travel enthusiasts can come together to share their travel tales – real travel stories from real travellers. Any traveller today has access to a lot of information available while planning a trip and it becomes difficult to cut through the clutter. Travel advice or reviews become more meaningful if they are written by real travellers, because it is based on real experiences. The emphasis is on telling it like it is. Had a great experience ? Had a bad trip ? Telling it like it is helps in painting the right picture.

Why Travel Tales ?

This blog is our way of giving back to other travellers. By sharing our travel experiences on Travel Tales – for whatever they are worth – we can probably help other fellow travellers who suffer from wanderlust. Travel is a way of life for many, and sharing of travel experiences, destination knowledge as well as travel tips goes a long way in helping someone else prepare for their own trip.

We will not only share travel stories and experiences, but also tips on planning travel. Wrong planning can result in unforeseen complications, so it is important to plan well. Destination-specific knowledge and knowing the things to do and the things to avoid are important in planning travel. Good or bad experiences of other travellers can help other potential travellers to avoid mistakes and pitfalls.

We invite you, the reader to browse through our collection of travel tales. On the other hand, if you too are passionate about sharing your travel experiences, we invite you to become a contributor. Help others improve their travel experience. Head over to the contributors section where you will find more information on how you can contribute.