Punam Mohandas is the Consulting Editor for Travel Tales. She is a senior journalist with 20-years of work experience across India, Dubai and Bangkok. She is an accomplished and accredited travel writer and is well recognised among the travel trade, tourism boards and hospitality circles across several countries.

All Aboard The Magical Le Train du Chocolat!

Chocolate Train

The Chocolate Train – A Travelogue By Punam Mohandas Switzerland’s Chocolate Train is a tour that is eagerly anticipated by children and adults alike. I left Fribourg on a crisp and somewhat chilly morning, to reach Montreux by 8.30am. The train, which looks rather grand in its black and golden… Continue reading

Artist House, Bangkok

Artist House Bangkok

Offbeat Bangkok : Artist House – A Travelogue By Punam Mohandas Were it not for a chance remark by Stephen, I wouldn’t have learned about Artist House. Talking on this and that, he mentioned casually, in passing, that there was some Thai artist who had taken over a house on… Continue reading

Lot Mayom – The Floating Market

Lot Mayom

Lot Mayom – The Floating Market Lot Mayom is a floating market frequented primarily by the Thais and thus, it’s off the usual beaten tourist track. In spite of having lived in Bangkok for so long, I’d never even heard of it, until recently when a Thai lady happened to… Continue reading