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A lot of travel related images and videos are shared on Instagram every day. Most of them are amazing, posted freely by people wishing to share their travel experiences with the world. We therefore decided to start a new category on the site – Featured Instagram – carrying some of these posts with you.

The posts that are featured would essentially be those that-

  • A – Are from Public Accounts, shared freely by the Instagram user.
  • B – Have image/s that are truly breathtaking; OR
  • C – Are highly informative about an aspect of travel; OR
  • D – Share insights about life in a particular region; OR
  • E – Share valuable travel tips about a particular destination: OR
  • F – Highlight the culture of a region; OR
  • I – Highlight a cuisine, etc.

You too can send in your entries to be featured on the website as well as on our Social Media streams. To submit your entry, simply email us the link to the post that you would like to have featured here. Please do note that Travel Tales reserves the right to accept or reject a submission.

About Rajiv Bajaj

Rajiv Bajaj is a Tourism & Travel Industry professional based in New Delhi. He is in the travel profession because of his love for travel. He has spent more than two decades in the airline industry between 1986 to 2007 and is currently self-employed as a Tourism Marketing professional. A wanderer by nature, Rajiv loves to write about travel and is among the top contributors on TripAdvisor as well. He also writes for several other travel blogs and websites.
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