The Swanky Terminal 2 At Mumbai Airport

Terminal 2 At Mumbai Airport

Terminal 2 At Mumbai Airport – A Pictorial Journey

It has been a while now since the new Terminal 2 at Mumbai Airport became operational. I have had the opportunity to travel through this terminal in the past as well. However, it was on my most recent transit through this airport earlier this month that I had the opportunity to explore the terminal in some depth.

The terminal has a unique design, with a beehive type pattern on the pillars throughout the building. However, it was the transit area after the security check that I found most intriguing, as a lot of effort has been put into creating designs, murals, sculptures and replicas of Indian culture on the walls in the security hold area.The vivid colours of these works of art speak volumes about the rich culture and heritage of India.

Walking around the Terminal 2 At Mumbai Airport is a visual delight. I’m no photographer, but I went crazy clicking pictures with my phone – so vivid and vibrant are some of the displays. A word of caution though – you could easily lose track of time while exploring the place.

Rather than going into the description, I will let the images speak for themselves. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Click on any image to view gallery.

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