Artist House Bangkok

Artist House, Bangkok

September 10, 2013 Punam Mohandas 0

Offbeat Bangkok : Artist House – A Travelogue By Punam Mohandas Were it not for a chance remark by Stephen, I wouldn’t have learned about Artist House. Talking on this and that, he mentioned casually, in passing, that there was some Thai artist who had Read More…

Lot Mayom

Lot Mayom – The Floating Market

September 1, 2013 Punam Mohandas 0

Lot Mayom – The Floating Market Lot Mayom is a floating market frequented primarily by the Thais and thus, it’s off the usual beaten tourist track. In spite of having lived in Bangkok for so long, I’d never even heard of it, until recently when Read More…

Songkran in Bangkok

Songkran In Bangkok

February 22, 2013 Punam Mohandas 0

Songkran in Bangkok – Going Bananas with Bazookas ! Well, I’ve seen a few whacky festivals in my time, but Songkran in Bangkok beats ‘em all hollow. It’s the most amazingly simple way to have FUN ever invented! Songkran, for the uninitiated, is the New Read More…